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About Monoc Law

Founded on passion for social justice. Fueled by human connection.

Passion Meets Purpose 

Katie Monoc’s first job after college was in politics working to register new voters and to encourage voters who hadn’t turned out in a while to return to the polls. It was then, in learning about voter suppression and the ways in which many Americans aren’t able to fulfill their right to vote, that Katie became passionate about social justice. Inspired by this passion, Katie earned her law degree and began a career centered around fervent advocacy for those who need support in rectifying a wrongdoing.

Whether you’ve been injured, experienced a breach of contract, or are a small business in need of counsel, Monoc Law will work tirelessly to ensure you receive unparalleled service and to position you thoughtfully and strategically with an aim for the best possible results in your case or legal matter.

About Katie Monoc

Katie Fowler Monoc is a creative problem-solver with deep and diverse experience across many areas of the law. From high-stakes civil litigation to general counsel work, Katie tackles complex issues with out-of-the-box critical thinking and unwavering advocacy.

At Monoc Law, Katie focuses on cases ranging from catastrophic personal injury to wrongful death and medical malpractice, as well as a broad spectrum of contractual and real property matters. Katie also offers general counsel services to businesses and individuals, and election and ethics counsel to several statewide and local political campaigns.

Knowing how intensely stressful legal matters can become, Katie goes beyond providing professional counsel to offer personal support for her clients as well. She believes that relationships are critical to the advocacy process, and takes great pride in the warm, personal connections she builds with her clients while walking them through each step of the legal process.

Katie was honored in Super Lawyers magazine as a Rising Star in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. She is an alumna of Presbyterian College and Charleston School of Law, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of the Charleston Law Review. Prior to becoming an attorney, Katie worked in the South Carolina General Assembly and on various political campaigns. In 2020, she began her solo practice, bringing over a decade of multifaceted legal experience to the Charleston area and beyond.

Outside of her legal practice, Katie is very community-oriented and has deep roots in South Carolina. A native of Columbia, SC, she moved to Charleston for law school and settled there permanently after graduation. She now lives with her husband and two sons, is a regular at local exercise and ballet classes, active in politics, serves on the Vestry for Grace Church Cathedral and is Vice Chancellor of The Episcopal Church of South Carolina.

Why Monoc Law?

Experienced Attorney

Monoc Law has a depth and breadth of legal experience, allowing the firm to take on a wide variety of matters, from a simple civil suit to large-scale and complex cases involving multiple parties, corporations or insurance companies.

Fierce Advocate

Katie Monoc is interested, first and foremost, in being your advocate. She takes her role as your counselor very seriously, and is a thoughtful advisor who takes great care in her efforts to help you meet your goals.

Honest Collaborator

If a team is necessary for your case, Katie will identify and recruit talent to collaborate to that end, often at no additional cost to you. And, if her far-reaching experience and varied areas of practice can’t accommodate your legal matter, she will always offer honest advice and thoughtful recommendations for colleagues with the right experience who could be a good fit your case.

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