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Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

When an accident, a death or a civil injustice occurs, our lives can be turned upside down at a moment’s notice. In these times of overwhelming stress, you need an advocate to support and help guide you toward a resolution. Monoc Law champions your cause and works tirelessly to pursue positive outcomes for you on the other side of life’s storms.

General Counsel for Businesses

Monoc Law offers experienced, responsive legal advice, empowering you and your business to thrive. Whether your business needs help navigating challenges, leveraging opportunities, drafting contracts or counsel for contract disputes, Monoc Law is here to be your “Outside G.C.”, offering strategic and creative general counsel services on an as-needed basis.

Political and Issue Advocacy Counsel

Monoc Law combines years of political and issue-based experience with its knowledge of the law. Monoc Law’s aim is to help the candidate and/or broader campaign maintain compliance with S.C. ethics, while helping to generate legal and ethical strategies on the front end, before any issues arise. 

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If you have questions regarding your case, or simply need to know if your matter constitutes legal action, please contact Monoc Law.

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Special Note about COVID-19

While the world has changed rapidly over the last few months, and face-to-face interactions have temporarily been placed on hold, many personal and business matters still require our immediate attention. In this climate, advocacy is more important than ever, and Monoc Law is still here to offer legal support in any business or personal matter that should arise.

Monoc Law continues to offer digital or phone consultations and meetings for all current and prospective clients. The firm is maintaining its digital office to connect with you until it is safe to meet in person again. Please reach out to set up a meeting.

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